Saturday, February 28, 2009

The First Temptation of the Phoenix

While publishing my previous post, I had something go awry.

I post at both LiveJournal and Blogger, and when I posted to LJ I went to review my handiwork. No sooner did the post display than I was instantly whisked away to some site with ... well, let's say if I was actually looking for a scantily-clad site I would have bookmarked it!

Clearly this has religious overtones. Jesus was tempted by the devil during those forty days (there's that number again). I don't want to get too deep in that aspect now, because that is the theme of Sunday's Gospel passage.

I may be living in the proverbial desert of midwestern suburbia...however, the site plainly said that all these were in the area of Park Ridge.

But indeed there's a message in there. You see all kinds of things like that in the media, but very little of it in real life. Am I correct? Do any of you see this sort of thing parading around at Target, McDonald's, or Old Country Buffet? Or in church, for that matter?

The old adage, "You get what you pay for," is no longer true. Because I'm getting a breast breadbasket full of stuff from the media that I'm sure I didn't pay for. And if I did, I would be looking for a way to change that into a donation to the charity or church of my choice.

However, it could certainly serve as a motivation for weight loss...I am so confused...

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