Thursday, April 16, 2009

"I Haven't Eaten In Three Days"

Easter Thursday

Today's Word:
Acts 3:11-26 (Peter: "God raised up his servant and sent him to bless you")
Psalm 8:2-9 (O Lord our God, how majestic is your name in all the earth)
Luke 24:35-48 (Jesus: "Peace be with you!")

Today is the follow-up to our Emmaus moment. Our pair of disciples, having recognized Jesus as their traveling partner, return in haste to Jerusalem - no easy task as it was most likely under cover of darkness - and when they arrive, their story is corroborated by reports that the women who were looking after Jesus' body found the tomb empty.

Suddenly Jesus appears to them all - in the flesh!

Now it's likely that the risen Jesus looked like the radiant, glowing person described in the accounts of the Transfiguration (see March 8, We Don't Do This For Just Anyone). At that event, only Peter, John, and James had seen this revelation - and Peter's dumbstruck reaction (Let's build three tents) has always struck me as a bit comical. The reaction of the remaining apostles today has a similar effect. They are virtually falling over each other, awestruck at seeing Jesus not only alive, but glorified!

Luke doesn't indicate how long this awestruck feeling went on. It must have gone on a rather long time. He finally asks, "Have you anything here to eat?" (He did not eat at Emmaus; he vanished from the sight of the traveling disciples when he broke the bread and said the blessing at the beginning of the meal.) That seemed to do it! He really must be alive in the flesh if he wants to eat! He's given some baked fish to eat - this may have been among the reasons fish was allowed and became so popular on all the meatless Fridays Catholics observe.

This experience is a reminder to us to keep focused on what is important. Jesus had spoken to his disciples on many occasions that he would suffer, die, and be raised from the dead. It was nearly impossible, given the manner and events that led to Jesus' crucifixion, that his disciples would stay focused. Peter and John watched from a distance, and Peter even denied he know Jesus. But we as "Easter People" know and believe!

I was thinkin' the other day,
"What if cartoons got saved?
They'd start singing praise
In a whole new way..."
Yeah, I was thinkin' the other day,
"What if cartoons got saved?
They'd start singing praise
In a whole new way..."

Fred and Wilma Flintstone
Sing "Yabba-dabba-doo-yah"
Scooby-doo and Shaggy:
And the Jetsons' dog named Astro:

(repeat chorus)

Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles:
"Cowabunga-loo-yah, Dude!"
Then there's, "Kermit the Frog here, singing,
And that little bald guy, Elmer Fudd:

(repeat chorus)

Oh that big old moose and his friend Rocky,
And our favourite bear named Yogi,
"Hey, Boo-Boo-loo-ya"
Then there's all those little blue guys
And they'd sing, "Hah-la-la-la-la-la-la-lay-la-lay-loo-yah"
How about Beavis and that other guy?

Now, there's a point to this looney-tune
I'm not an Animaniac
But there's a lot of praisin' to do
And cartoons weren't made for that
It's our job
So, let's sing hallelujah!

Chris Rice

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