Sunday, November 29, 2009

Light Sings

The Season of Light:
The First Sunday of Advent

The Word:
Jeremiah 33:14-16 (I will cause a good seed to spring forth from David)
Psalm 25:4-14 (You are God my Savior, and for you I wait all day long)
1 Thessalonians 3:12 - 4:2 (When Christ comes may he strengthen your hearts in holiness)
Luke 21:25-36 (Your redemption is near at hand)

In a recent post I defined the timeframe of what I call the Season of Light; generally that is from the First Sunday of Advent through the traditional date of Epiphany, January 6. Apparently I'm not alone in this assessment - a Google search rendered several hits that at least suggested others agree to some degree.

The Season of Light is symbolized by the the candles of the Advent wreath, the menorah of Hanukkah, the Yule Log; in the lights we use to decorate greenery and our homes; and in the legendary Star of Bethlehem, one of the heralds of the birth of Jesus, the Messiah. It is aptly placed at the onset of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, when there is less sunlight.

Themes of justice are prevalent as we await the coming of the King. To be a Light-Bearer, one will do what he/she can to adjust the imbalance between peoples. Over this first week I will post a couple of examples. I think I need to do that, as suddenly I have come to something of a crossroads of reality.

I had an interesting conversation with my dear wife after celebrating Thanksgiving with her family. There are now several new additions in the extended family, and all are struggling under the weight of the cost of living and the state of the economy. I've never considered myself to be financially well-off, but over the course of our conversation we realized that among that half of the extended family, we're the most affluent. Honestly, that scares me a bit. There's a correlation to affluence and influence, one that is all too often misused.

While Christmas is nearly here, and Advent is the gateway, it is too easy to miss both by not celebrating one or the other. This year, our little family trio have set a goal to celebrate Advent. We want to experience much, and will do our best to do so simply, so that the resources we might otherwise use can be offered to those who need it, whether they be family, friends, or the passerby. It means being careful. It means being watchful and ready, and making choices - sometimes on short notice. It's the foundation of what will hopefully turn out to be a truly, wonderfully, warm and bright season.

God of all power
You kindle the stars
Spark in your people
Spark in us a season of light

God turns now to the world
To see if anyone will uphold him
For fools rage in the land
They turn away from God and his Word

The nations go astray
They crumble ev'ry road, ev'ry pathway
They lay waste to the land
They trample on our dreams for the future

The heedless have their day
They take away the breath of our children
Lord, when will they accord
Lord, when will they accord with your Word?


The Lord will hear the just
He will overthrow the plans of the reckless
The Lord will give us blessings
And then shall we rejoice and be glad

--A Season of Light (1985)

Paul Lisicky
verses based on Psalm 53

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