Saturday, May 9, 2009

For the Moms

Today's Word:
Acts 13:44-52 (After drawing much attention, Jewish leaders have Paul and Barnabas expelled from Antioch)
Psalm 98:1-4 (All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God)
John 14:7-14 ("I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me")

Today I'd like to honor all the women out there who are moms (there's no such thing as "have been" in the profession of motherhood).

I came to understand many years ago about how special mothers are. My understanding is not complete; nor will it be as long as my spirit inhabits this body; but it's a very deep thing. I used to share this with couples of newborns who were to be baptized. I'm not sure they understood it then; I hope that over the years that they might remember and have a 'light bulb' revelation of sorts.

Mothers are martyrs of sorts. In giving birth to others, a mother gives a part of her own life away.

Moms are acutely aware of having to make sacrifices. They do so more than most of us realize. Some will not admit to this, saying that it is an act of love. Ah, there's the rub - most sacrifices are acts of love.

As a man I barely qualify to speak of the great love of which Moms have the capacity to cultivate and share. It is too soon hit upon by family unwittingly taking unfair advantage, as if it were an endless spring of fresh water or a bottomless cup of coffee. It's true that Moms have an unfathomable level of endurance; still, it's not without limit, yet the rest of us continually push it.

In almost all my observations, Moms really do know best. Even when they're wrong, they're right.

While there are many Moms who like being pampered on their special days, there are just as many who eschew it. Moms are conscious of adversities 24/7/365 - even when it comes to something as simple as taking her out to dinner. (At least all those in my life are that way.)

Even as they grow older and the fragility of their lives becomes more obvious and prevalent, Moms are a resilient group of people. They are our first nurturers, our first teachers, and our first friends.

There is no good way to express gratitude, appreciation, thanks, or even love to someone who gives so much - and keeps giving every day of her life, in spite of her own condition.

I do know, however, that a Mom's love is more precious than just about anything else.

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